Monday, January 15, 2018

Why You Should Opt For a Used Vehicle Instead

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If you are looking for a new ride or even your first car, there are many reasons why you should consider getting a pre-owned vehicle instead. Coming off a 7 percent decline in the past five years, the average price of used cars is certainly worth noting.

There’s a high number of cars coming off lease this year, and the used-car inventory is going steadily higher. The chances of finding great buys from dealers all over the U.S., especially for cars that have barely seen the road, are therefore also on the rise.

Nothing beats the lower cost of these pre-owned vehicles. Remember that new cars lose their value rapidly while coming with steep upfront expenses. Opting for a certified pre-owned (CPO) model can save you thousands of dollars.

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These CPO models often come with their own warranties for breakdowns. Couple, say, bumper-to-bumper warranty with low upfront costs, and the decision becomes easier. Along with this, it’s easier to have a used car insured because it is sold for less. As a result, it costs less for insurers and gains them more savings.

Finally, keep return on investment or ROI in mind. New cars will always have a negative ROI, as you’ll get much less than what you paid. The value of pre-owned vehicles depreciates at a much slower rate.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Importance Of The Vehicle Identification Number

Just like every individual has unique fingerprints that can be used for identification, vehicles, too, have one. When a car is manufactured, right after it is released from the production line, a 17-digit code, called the vehicle identification number (VIN), is stamped onto the chassis, typically in the engine bay, and sometimes underneath one of the doors or at the bottom of the windshield.

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Unlike registration numbers and other IDs, the VIN cannot be changed and is fixed to the car for the entirety of its lifespan. Some people even call the VIN as a car’s DNA. 

The VIN provides specific information about the vehicle and is divided into three parts. The first three digits are the world manufacturer identifier (WMI) number, which consists of codes for the country where the car was assembled, the manufacturer, and the vehicle type. The second part – the fourth to ninth digits – is the vehicle descriptor section (VDS), which shows what components had been used on the car. The last eight digits identify the features of the car and can help people figure out the year the vehicle was produced. 

All these data are stored in databases of vehicle registration companies and car manufacturers. By entering the VIN in their search engine, the car can be validated and identified correctly. Other information may also be available, including accident history, maintenance records, and more. This is especially useful for those looking to buy used cars. 

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Using a checklist for inspecting pre-owned vehicles

It is easy for pre-owned vehicle customers to overlook any parts that need to be examined before going through with the purchase. For this reason, it is best to create a comprehensive checklist for inspection so that no stone (or car component) is left unturned. 

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The following are items that should be included in such a checklist:

Documents: The documents that should be checked are the owner’s or car manual and service and repair records. Look for large gaps in service history. See also if there is the word “salvage” in the title, if so, then that should be a deal breaker. 

Exterior: The most obvious things to look for when checking a used car’s exterior are damages, dents, faded or cracked paint, an indication of poor repair. More important items are the tires, missing lug nuts, and rust. The latter is crucial as the slightest evidence of rust should turn away any customer. 

Interior: Aside from the apparent damages or wear that can be seen inside the car, one of the checklist items to look for in the interior are, again, rust and stale smell. These may be evidence that the vehicle had been flooded. 

Chassis, underbody, engine, and powertrain: These components require the competence of car experts or professionals; bringing one along is a good idea.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

More advantages of purchasing pre-owned vehicles

Second-hand cars don’t have the reputation they should have. While it’s true that they’re not as appealing as brand-new vehicles, there are a lot of misconceptions going around as to the quality of pre-owned units. To counter these misconceptions, below are some of the advantages of owning a pre-owned car. 

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Minimal depreciation

A brand-new car once bought and used depreciates in value after the first six months. Its value will then continue to go down after that. Used vehicles though are the opposite. If the car is well taken care of, owners may not need to worry about depreciation. In fact, there are instances when the car may even sell for a higher price.

Minimal problems 

One of the biggest myths about pre-owned cars is that it’s not as reliable as brand new cars. The fact of the matter is that pre-owned vehicles go through several inspections before being sold to the public. Anything wrong with the car has either been corrected or replaced. 

Minimal fees 

Many owners of brand-new cars are surprised to find out they’re billed for unexpected expenses such as shipping fees. Dealerships will make sure every fee car buyers need to pay for pre-owned cars are clear enough. 

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Picking Used Cars: Best Choices

Buying pre-owned vehicles can be a bit tricky and requires more reflection than brand new cars. Whatever a buyer's reasons are for choosing used cars, whether or not they will be used as primary or secondary vehicles for an individual or a household, there has to be some considerations before visiting a car dealership.

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Obviously, not all automobiles share the same characteristics, and reliability is not exactly every car’s natural virtue. Some are good for a few years but do not age well as far as performance is concerned. Others may not be the quintessential runaway choice but can fire up the road anytime. Here are some of the best choices one may have when it comes to used cars:
Toyota Corolla
There is nothing exceptionally captivating about the features of a Toyota Corolla. It wouldn't get a second glance on the road if that is what a driver is after. The school jock won't be driving it to the prom. But this nondescript thing is the perfect all-around commuter car with a resilience and that is surely one for the books.
Honda Ridgeline
For more efficient traveling needs, Honda’s sport utility truck Ridgeline series can serve one well on the road or in case of heavier off-road adventures. Interior space and hauling capacity are defining characteristics of this light truck. Crash test performances even for the older models are great.
Chevrolet Tahoe
The Chevrolet Tahoe satisfies any family's need for a large, spacious SUV. Safety is first, and the Tahoe won't disappoint in that category. It has been constantly praised for all its safety standard features.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tell-Tale Signs That a Car Has Been Properly Restored

There are a lot of things to consider when on the market for a pre-owned, restored car. The problem is that for the average buyer, it's hard to determine if a car has been repaired to the highest standards or was just patched up for a fast sale. Here are some tips to consider before shelling out your hard-earned money on a restored car.

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One of the most important things buyers should watch out for is body damage. Meaning, if the car has been in a collision and just repainted. Feel the body lines for any sign of dents or gaps. If it has been repainted, you’ll see overspray or marks from masking. Check it out thoroughly and ensure that the whole body has matching paints.

Secondly, inspect for rust and any other signs of corrosion. Just like any signs of previous accident involvement, major rust is something to avoid in a pre-owned car, as such rust will reappear later. Unless a car has been properly rust-proofed, any five-year-old or older car or truck will show some rust.

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Make sure to research the car's history records carefully. This is very useful, as most accidents should show up in the records. This will allow you to filter your list of options. Also, aside from a possible major collision in the past, a car might have been flooded. A flooded vehicle is more likely to develop various electrical problems as well as mold in the future. Be suspicious if the history report indicates that the car came from a flood zone.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Beginner’s Guide To Car Restoration

Cars are like people in that they are likewise subject to the dictates of time. But just like how people resort to exercising and subscribing to a fitness regimen, old, rust-coated cars can get a new lease on life. Some people might be doing this for fun and leisure at the beginning, but the same endeavor can lead to not only making cars look new but increasing their resale value.

It’s not like people can just go to a car dealer and look up their dream cars from years past. This led to the rise of the car restoration business. Many collectors have begun to moonlight in this venture, or have started to depend on restorers for their car fix, seeing that it’s a booming industry that necessarily pays attention to the very details that we expect to make the car truly come back to life.

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If one is in it for the business aspect, the idea is to look for collectible models, often vintage cars from yesteryears. Even without a waiting customer in mind, restorers would try to match the deadstock, manufacturer specifications: from the complex mechanism, parts, and paint job.

While restoration is often a painstaking job, getting it done right will surely attract customers or fetch the restored car a high price in an auction. A beginning restorer needs time, money, and, of course, tons of creativity and ambition. But if you’re in it for the long haul, a careful study of the car’s specifications and history is required.

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American Federal Auto LLC is committed to taking the stress out of customers saddled with the daunting task of finding a vehicle that is the perfect combination of quality and affordability. The family-owned and operated company aims to deliver the best buying experience possible for residents of Summerville, SC, and the surrounding areas. Visit the company’s official websitefor its latest inventory.