Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Process Of Certifying Pre-Owned Cars

Buying a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle is a sound purchase because it allows an individual to come close to owning a brand-new car, SUV, or truck. But CPO vehicles come with a significantly lower price tag and, usually, with a formidable warranty.

Image source: carsandautomobiles.net

In order to ensure the new owners’ peace of mind, the vehicle is sent through a rigorous certification process that is designed to guarantee it meets the minimum standards for age and condition. For example, Chrysler’s CPO vehicles undergo a 125-point inspection while Ford uses a 172-point inspection checklist.

Certification programs differ from automaker to automaker, but they typically involve close examination of the following:

Records and paperwork: Serving as an initial test for CPO candidates, the vehicle is subjected to a background check, with the vehicle history documentation and maintenance records serving as proof that the car has not received any substantial damage.

Mechanisms and systems: The vehicle is then subjected to re-road, road, and post-road tests to see if the various mechanisms and systems of the car are still of good quality. If some flaws or problems are minor enough, repairs are made to restore the working condition of the vehicle.

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Aesthetics: Assessments of the vehicle’s interior and exterior are made to check what cosmetic repairs and detailing are needed. This is to make sure that the CPO vehicle is brought back to near-new condition.

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